Mike Thomas
Full-Stack Web Developer
(801) 505-1368

Mike Thomas
Full-Stack Web Developer
(801) 505-1368

Hey, I’m Mike Thomas
I am a Full-Stack Web Developer with 10+ years of experience. I began my career as an illustrator and graphic designer. I was introduced to the idea of publishing my illustrations on the web in 2001, which is where my journey began. I learned web design and HTML and from there learned how to program. I have created all kinds of web applications and websites using my abilities as a designer, programmer and artist. I am also a dynamic learner, in web development I am constantly learning new technologies based on the needs of my clients.

School Improvement Website

Built a custom WordPress site with a ecommerce store that accepts credit card payments and creates licenses in the companies application on completion.

  • Built a Custom WordPress Theme
  • Built Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Connects Customers Licenses to the Product (Edivate)
  • Custom Store for License Purchases
  • Made possible the ability to purchase LumiBooks

Check out the site at http://www.schoolimprovement.com

Finance Web Application

I tried multiple budget apps for my phone. None of them actually did what I hoped they would. So I created my own.

  • Tracks Expenses and Income
  • Tracks Miles and Business Expenses
  • Project Manager for Clients
  • Invoice Generator
  • Debt Snowball

Database Editor Application

Created a custom database editor that makes it possible to edit database tables for multiple web applications.

  • Login from anywhere to edit apps
  • Add, Edit, and Delete web content on the fly
  • Easy interface to find what you need to edit fast
  • Easy to add additional applications
  • Edit multiple sites with ease

Web Design